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Forget Record Store Day! Cassettes ready to make comeback



cassette02.jpgHow did you spend your time on National Record Store Day? In line with a bunch of hipsters waiting for picture discs of the Spin Doctors? Swilling down your broccoli shakes while racing town to town in search of trance music on vinyl? Losers! Posers! Charlatans! I spent it making fun of the entire event on Facebook, calling the day another Hallmark Holiday whose only honorable intention is drawing needed attention to independent music stores.

And independent music stores do indeed deserve all our love -- every week, not just some random week in April. (It's as silly as National Flossing Day, which actually exists ... in November. Wait for those great dental floss deals!) I don't spin vinyl anymore, but I still prefer buying my CDs at indy shops. But imagine our collective gasp if we suddenly had to choose between vinyl, CDs and ... CASSETTES!

Yes, from the looks of at least one article on the Web, cassette collectors are waving their freak flags now. Hey, I loved the first cassette I ever owned: Asia's debut album in 1982. But the medium died for a reason. And I can safely say I do not currently own a functioning cassette player. Still...

"It's catching on," said one record store manager in Maryland. "It's the cool factor — because they're so limited, it's another thing to collect."

Yeah, because we all need more paperweights. Click here to read the full story.

[Last modified: Monday, April 18, 2011 11:26am]


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