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Forget Sharon. Here are some real sexy scenes



Sharon Stone uncrosses her legs a few times in Basic Instinct (and the sequel) and world stops rotating? Hot, but she wouldn't make the top sexiest moments in the 80s. And to prove it...

Top 10 sexiest film moments of the 80s:

10. Kevin Costner and Sean Young's limo ride in No Way Out (1987)
9. Shower scene in Dressed to Kill (1980)
8. Fun with food in 9 1/2 Weeks (1986)

7. The lobster dinner in Flashdance (1983)
6. Peter Gallagher with Daryl Hannah and Valerie Quennessen in Summer Lovers (1982).
5. Rob Lowe and Demi Moore spend half the movie naked in About Last Night (1986)

4. Kelly McGillis and Harrison Ford connect in Witness (1985)
3. Tom Hanks is nearly seduced by buxom pal in Bachelor Party (1984)

Phoebe Cates' topless fantasy scene in the classic Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982): Many people would love to see this scene in the top spot, but given the -- ahem -- awkward ending to it, I'm bumping it to No. 2 in favor of...

Joel meets Lana in Risky Business (1983): Some people prefer the "love on a real train" scene from this movie, but give me the initial introduction between the two characters any day. Wind blows open the door, leafs fly in, camera pans past boyhood photos. Excellent stuff. If only real life could be this exquisite.

What movies and scenes are missing from the list?

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