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A forgotten 80s hero



Aidan Quinn, who turns 47 today, is best known today for his title role in the short-lived and controversial Book of Daniel TV series, which was forced off the air this season (when it was revealed -- to no surprise -- that organized religion in the U.S. today is a hair more conservative than the Salem Witch Trial days.) But our man had a grand time in the Golden Decade.

Starting with Daryl Hannah in 1984's Reckless and then stealing scenes as Dez in Desperately Seeking Susan (which remains to this day the only truly watchable Madonna movie), Quinn made five movies in the 80s (and three more for TV). And get this: They're all pretty good: Mission, Stakeout, Crusoe were the others.

Tom Cruise didn't even enjoy this level of consistency in the 80s (alas, we all have the scars of Legend to prove it). And unlike Harrison Ford and Kevin Costner, Quinn's career continued to blossom in the following decades with some of his best work coming in the 90s, when he starred in 18 films including The Handmaid's Tale, Avalon, Legends of the Fall ("I followed all of the rules, man's and God's. And you, you followed none of them. And they all loved you more.") and the vastly underappreciated The Assignment.

What makes him so watchable? His ability to play the good guy and bad guy with equal skill (sometimes in the same movie -- again, see The Assignment.)? Is it because his looks sometimes remind you of other actors? I got it: He's from Chicago, like the rest of today's acting geniuses. Whatever it is, just keep making movies, Aidan. And tell Hollywood to please release Reckless on DVD! Your 80s addicts anxiously await.

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