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Fox News expert hates MTV, compares it to cocaine



mtv-logo-rus.jpgAs MTV has celebrated its 30th anniversary this week, the '80s Nation has been able to bask in the memories of the music videos and veejays of our youth. Ah, the good ole days. Well, Fox News is here to put an end to that RIGHT NOW.

"Perhaps something was wrong, though, from that very beginning," writes Dr. Keith Ablow, a psychiatrist and member of the Fox News Medical A-Team. "Maybe there was something addictive, yet unpredictably toxic, about disseminating dramatizations of songs to those who had come to love them—and who were used to using their imaginations to visualize and interpret rock lyrics."

Perhaps Ablow misses the radio serials of his youth."Does this doc sound like he's 89 years old or what," asks original veejay Alan Hunter on his Facebook page. "Oh wait, he's from Fox News. Explains it." 

Actually, according to Wikipedia, Ablow is only 49 years old. So maybe he's just irritated that the Captain and Tennille couldn't catch a break with MTV. That's something he could maybe discuss with his "life coaches." (Back in my day, we called them "parents.")

"MTV is a good idea with some very bad psychological ramifications" the doc continues. "Cocaine is the same sort of idea. Freud reportedly used it to enhance communication. But he abandoned it when he realized it had disastrous, longer-term psychological consequences and was highly addictive."

You can read his whole manifesto on the Fox site. Or just not give them the courtesy of a click.

[Last modified: Wednesday, August 3, 2011 5:04pm]


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