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Friday the 13th battle: Best 80s horror villain



When we asked for your input on the upcoming Best Horror Movies of the 80s list, you knew this side-argument was on the way: Who's the best horror movie villain of the 80s?

So go walk under a ladder, cross the path of a black cat, break a few mirrors and buy a Lionel Richie CD -- all the things that traditionally bring bad luck -- and sound off. Here are the three main contenders, but feel free to add more of your own:

Jason Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th series):
Pros: Usually waits til his victims at least finish sex first before dispatching them.
Cons: Last name sounds Swedish -- how many Swedish serial killers are wandering summer camps in the U.S.? It would explain the hockey mask though.

Myers Michael Myers (Halloween series):
Pros: Has the good sense not to kill the lovely Jamie Lee Curtis.
Cons: These days, mainly confused with Mike Myers of Austin Powers fame. Also, what's with the William Shatner mask painted white?

Freddy Freddy Kreuger (A Nightmare on Elm Street series)
Pros: Snappy dresser; only one of the top 3 villains to actually speak.
Cons: He only kills in your dreams? Most of us today are on so many prescriptions for various emotional problems that it's a miracle if we get to sleep at all.

Who are we forgetting?

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