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The future was so bright, we had to wear shades: Famous sunglasses of the '80s

Ever wonder what model of sunglasses our '80s heroes were wearing in those cool flicks? There's now a website devoted to the fine art of telling you exactly what type of shades the stars wear in the movies. It's called Sunglasses ID, and I can only image that in order to accomplish their mission, they have more time on their hands than I do. (And that's not a badge of honor.)

Here's what I found about six famous pairs of specs from the '80s. 

1sudden impact SUDDEN IMPACT (1983): In the fourth movie in the Dirty Harry series, Clint Eastwood wears Gargoyles ANSI Classics sunglasses. Do they look familiar? They should, because you'll see them again on today's list but in a far bigger movie. According to Sunglasses ID, these Gargoyles sunglasses are still available and are not that expensive ($44 to $80).

2riskybusiness RISKY BUSINESS (1983): Every '80s fan knows Tom Cruise was wearing Ray-Bans, specifically Wayfarers. The sad thing is you can't get Tom's exact model anymore; modern Wayfarers have the Ray-Ban logo on the sides and written on the lens. ($100 to $188)

5 john candy  THE BLUES BROTHERS (1980): Jake and Elwood Blues wear Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses. Not just occasionally. Through the entire movie. (Can you name the one scene where Jake takes them off?) So instead we'll focus on John Candy's shades. The late actor, as policeman Burton Mercer, wore Ray-Ban RB 3030 Outdoorsman sunglasses. ($94 to $119)

4terminator THE TERMINATOR (1984): Ah ha, Arnold Schwarzenegger pulled a Dirty Harry and wore Gargoyles ANSI Classics sunglasses in the first movie of the Terminator franchise. ($44 to $80)

6cruise TOP GUN (1986): Some "Maverick" Tom Cruise turned out to be. He too sports Ray-Bans as Lieutenant Pete Mitchell, specifically Ray-Ban 3025 (aka Ray-Ban Aviator) sunglasses. Sunglasses ID says sales of Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses rose 40 percent after the movie came out. ($71 to $179)

7indiana INDIANA JONES AND THE LAST CRUSADE (1989): Technically, those are sunglasses that Sean Connery (Dr. Henry Jones) is wearing. And pricey ones at that. They're Berkshire Chase Savile Row Diaflex High Joint glasses. Handmade with a 14-karat gold frame for the model that Connery wears. They've been made since 1932, so they would be historically accurate for the movie. ($263 to $272)

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