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Genesis reunites for tour



Genesis Ten years after Phil Collins quit the band, he's back again as Genesis announced plans this week for a reunion tour. Guitarist Mike Rutherford and keyboardist Tony Banks also will take part.

Former lead singer Peter Gabriel, who left in '75, reportedly was invited to return for the tour but declined, citing the upcoming release of some more solo work. More details on the Genesis tour dates are expecting in coming weeks.

OK, so that's the news. Here's the opinion: Is Genesis a band anyone wants to really hear play live anymore? I'm not so sure. I caught their show back in Orlando at the Citrus Bowl in 1987 on the Invisible Touch tour, and it was a letdown. Granted, my seats were so bad that where I'm sitting right now has a better view.

Bed_1 Adding to the aggravation, we arrived 20 minutes to the show, thanks to a drunken shuttle bus driver. Plus I was so traumatized from having meet my new girlfriend's parents the night before (and sharing a bed with her best friend's boyfriend) that I took to biting my nails to the nub that day. A habit so bad it took me five years to quit.

So when I think of Genesis in concert, all I see in my head is:
-- A speck a half mile away that's supposed to be Phil Collins;
-- The hairy back of Mike, six inches away, hoping he wouldn't want to spoon;
-- Shards of fingernails littering the front seat of my 1982 Mustang.

And the girl broke up with me two weeks later! But I shouldn't punish Genesis for my personal psychosis. I really loved their music. So why not give them their own list?

5. Turn It On Again: "I can show you I can show you some of the people in my life"
4. Invisible Touch: "She reaches in, and grabs right hold of your heart"
3. Carpet Crawlers: "We've got to get in to get out"
2. Abacab: "Tell me do you think I'm to blame?"
1. Supper's Ready: "We have finally been freed to get back home"

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