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Episode #37 of Stuck in the 80s is now online. Click here to download it and listen. We're honoring the one-hit wonders from the year 1980. A strange year in music as disco and punk were dying, synth rock was born and easy listening tunes were still all over the radio.

You'll enjoy some of the long-forgotten gems from 1980, including Steal Away, Into the Night, Turning Japanese and more. Plus, you get the great stories that go along with the hits:

-- Hear why Steve still gets clammy when anyone mentions Sugar Hill Gang around him. (Just send him a copy of the Eagles' Long Run and he'll be fine.)

-- Listen as Rick Gershman explains what "Turning Japanese" really means.

-- Find out which Tampa Bay high school canned their dancing team after they dressed like a group of sleazy punk rockers during a suggestive Devo performance at a pep rally.

-- Enter this week's Name that 80s tune and win a TBT baseball cap.

What do we have in store for next week? Grab your white linen jacket, bright t-shirts and shades and leave the socks at home. It's Miami Vice time.

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