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The ghost with the most: 'Beetle Juice' for Halloween always a winner



Michael Keaton and Beetle Juice requires hardcore '80s addiction. So I salute SIT80s fan Dag Schield for his costume contest submission. To his right is his lovely Funyun-esque girlfriend Leslie as "Lydia." Here is Dag's story behind the costume:

Steve and Sean -- About ten years ago I decided to make a Beetle Juice outfit for a Halloween party. I bought a suit at Goodwill and guessed it would take a few hours to paint on the stripes.

Dag What I thought would be a quick paint job turned into an ordeal, as the paint kept soaking into the fabric. It took several nights of painting and repainting to get the job done. I remember sitting in my tiny one room apartment with the VHS cover of Beetle Juice as my guide, wondering if this would ever work. But it turned out fantastic! I even won the prize for the best costume.

My date insisted on being a green alien girl from Star Trek, a strange and annoying choice as this outfit begs for a Lydia. We soon parted ways.

But Beetle Juice does get his girl. A few years ago I dug out the suit and Leslie and I went as Beetle Juice and Lydia. This one isn't going anywhere.

The photos are okay. I would consider putting on the suit and taking a few more photos, but I just can't face another hour putting on the makeup and getting the hair just right.

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