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Give her a call when she has no class

Kellerman Whether you remember her most as "Hot Lips" O'Houlihan (in 1970's "MASH") or English professor "Diane Turner" in 1986's "Back to School," can we all agree that actress Sally Kellerman has a certain enduring sex appeal.

OK, agreed. Now here's the amazing news: She's 70 years old today. (Yeah, older than most of our mothers.) Still, I dare say that neither of her signature movies would be classics without her. That being said, try to avoid some of her dogs from the 1980s, including Meatballs 3 (1986) and Three for the Road (1987).

These days, Kellerman's acting career has taken a timeout while she continues her passion for recording and performing music. You can hear samples of her work at her personal website.

Backtoschool Here are the requisite lines to remember her by. I'd give you five lines from "Back to School," but she was basically there for Rodney Dangerfield to drool over and fire off his legendary one-liners ("OK, why don't you call me sometime when you have no class"). So instead, I'm going to grandfather in "MASH" for this special top 5 list.

Top 5 Hot Lips O'Houihan lines from MASH:
5. "I wonder how such a degenerated person ever reached a position of authority in the Army Medical Corps."
4. "Oh my God! They've shot him."
3. "Oh, Frank, my lips are hot. Kiss my hot lips."
2. "This isn't a hospital. It's an insane asylum."
1. "His will be done!"

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