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Give your pet an '80s name



Gizmo_2Personally I don't think there's anyone who takes their '80s obsession to an extreme -- and I say that knowing I've met some real crazies. One woman with a giant Rick Springfrield tattoo down her torso, another friend who put a dozen safety pins in his face before a Clash concert back in the early '80s. And even a young Spearsy who dressed up as a punk rocker -- complete with green hair, shredded T-shirt, combat books and a trench coat -- for the homecoming dance my senior year in high school. Ah, good times.

Now I introduce you to Gizmo, the '80s-centric dog owned by uber-80s fan "Cylon" up in Michigan who maybe saw Gremlins one too many times.

Gizmodoll "Yes, I named my dog after a character from an '80s movie," Cylon wrote. "I like Gizmo because she looks like a gremlin. At night, she acts like a little mogwai too -- all mischievous."

Remember, Cylon: Don't get her wet (no baths? that sucks), keep her away from bright light (ie. your collection of Star Wars snow globes) and never feed her after midnight. Especially not organic dog food, or you'll be back awake at 2:30 taking her for a walk.

If I were going to pick an '80s movie character to name a pet after, I'd lean toward:

  • TRIGGER: Sean Astin's character in 1987's Like Father Like Son.
  • ROSCOE: John Cusack in 1983's Class.
  • GRANDPA FRED: Max Showalter in Sixteen Candles. Perfect for an older pet. Or one with digestive problems.
  • EGG STORK: Bobcat Goldthwait in One Crazy Summer.
  • BADGER: Scooter Stevens, the younger silent brother in the never-dull Better Off Dead.
  • KIRBY: Emilio Estevez in St. Elmo's Fire. Especially good for a puppy.

And for the record, ANY character in Vision Quest would work. Choose from Louden, Kuch, Tanneran, Elmo, Otto, Schmoozler, Balldozer and of course, Shute.

What other great '80s characters make for good pet names?

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