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'With a glass I'm pretty handy'



Last night's frivolity in the Spears Lair is one for the books. There's BBQ sauce on EVERYTHING. For some reason, my webcam is up and operating. And there are paper plates scattered mysteriously in a strange pattern on my porch.

So I thought I'd load one of my favorite unabashed drinking songs from my good friend Brian Johnson. I could never make out the lyrics to "Have a Drink On Me," which appears on the "Back in Black" album. Maybe because I was 13 years old when it came out. (Probably the same reason my mom was frightened when I was 10 years old singing "Love Gun" by KISS. "You pulled the trigger on my ... LOVE GUN!" Ah, youthful ignorance.)

Enjoy the song while I spend a lovely Sunday wrapped in a blanket that smells of cigars and cheese pizza.

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