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Global warming caused by burning beds?



Midnightoil_2 Peter Garrett, former lead singer for Midnight Oil, has a new title ... environment minister in Australia's cabinet. (Stop waiting for the punchline -- there isn't one coming. Unless he tries replacing the country's unofficial anthem of "Down Under" with "Don't Wanna Be The One.")

When Midnight Oil broke up in 2002, Garrett went on to pursue a political career. The new Aussie prime minister, Kevin Rudd, made the unusual appointment this week. Check out the latest on Garrett at his official website.

Most important question: Does this get us out of having to do a Midnight Oil podcast on Stuck in the 80s? Because I can pretty much only name one song -- "Beds Are Burning" -- and I'd easily put it on my list of 50 songs from the 80s I never really need to hear again.

However, thanks to a solid five minutes of reporting time, I feel quasi-confident in today's top 5 list.


5. Armistice Day: "The fixers do the fixing, the locals do the lynching."

4. Us Forces: "Superboy takes a plutonium wife."

3. Power and the Passion: "Sometimes you've got to take the hardest line."

2. Beds Are Burning: "How can we dance when our earth is turning."

1. The Dead Heart: "We carry in our hearts the true country."

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