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Johnny5 It's been two weeks since our last Stuck in the 80s podcast! Do you miss us? Even Johnny 5 is getting cranky. Though he does hold a bag of those delicious Funyuns, along with a stylish SIT80s bumper sticker that he bought at our online store.

Thanks to uber-fan Brad, we now have a whole crate of Funyuns to send out to winners of our Mystery Movie Moment and Name that 80s Tune segments. And of course, we have a couple gift certificates available to

The latest show is finally complete. This week's topic: Greatest baseball movies of the '80s, just in time for Opening Day.

So stick around, chat me up and let's get ready to play ball.

Just click here to get the newly minted podcast. And remember you can get all show for free via iTunes. Just click here.

Late show note: I apologize for the insanely easy Name that 80s Tune for this week. I tried to sub it out, but I guess it didn't take. In any case, you can forget about winning valuable prizes for getting this week's challenge right. Instead, the prize will go to whomever sends me the most interesting Funyun related photo via e-mail. Feel free to photo-edit the Funyuns into the picture or take an original photograph.

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