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God help us all: Chick flicks of the '80s



Flashdance Because sometimes I even use an online dictionary ... "CHICK FLICKS: Movies with melodramatic themes that appeal more to the stereotypical interests of females than males. Also commonly called romantic comedies, chick flicks often are tearjerkers with female characters, fairy tale storylines or tales of feminine bonding."

(What, so no Dragnet here?) I'm proud to say I own exactly two movies that would fall squarely in this category: When Harry Met Sally and Flashdance, though the Vegas Girlfriend tells me there is way too much T&A in Flashdance for it to be a chick flick. (As if!)

Which brings me to the point of today's item: In this week's Stuck in the '80s podcast, we're covering the Top 10 Chick Flicks of the '80s. We're still formulating the final list, so feel free to join in. There are obvious frontrunners -- Steel Magnolias, Beaches -- but also a ton of borderline picks like Say Anything, Pretty in Pink and Sixteen Candles.

Here are some others we're not sure about:

AN OFFICER AND A GENTLEMEN (1982): Can a movie where Richard Gere gets kicked in the testicles really be a chick flick? That seems like a plot line that males and females can equally enjoy.

THE PRINCESS BRIDE (1987): Inconceivable! Princess Buttercup goes all submissive when the Dread Pirate Roberts arrives.

HEATHERS (1989): Personally I don't buy this one as a chick flick, but I suspect I'll be outvoted by this week's guest co-hosts. How very.

THE FRENCH LIEUTENANT'S WOMAN (1981): Umm, did anyone actually see this movie? For all I know, it's a war movie. (Which is the only way it'll find its way on the Netflix queue anytime soon.)

Feel free to add some other non-obvious picks.

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