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For a good plunge, call 867-5309

Tommytutone Just like the '80s have never died, so have the famous digits of a memorable tune never faded. "Jenny" -- that minx whose phone digits I know better than my Social Security number -- is back. And it seems she's very popular with plumbers ... if you know what I mean.

Actually you probably don't, so here goes: Two plumbing companies are fighting for the rights to use "867-5309" -- better known as the catchy pop tune by Tommy Tutone that hit No. 4 on the charts back in 1982. Rhode Island's Gem Plumbing & Heating had trademarked the phone number after acquiring it from its original owner, Brown University, which was more than happy to be rid of the constant gag phone calls. But Sarasota-based Clockwork Home Services also uses a toll-free version of the phone number in New England.

A federal judge in Boston recently rules that Gem has the exclusive rights to the phone number in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. But Clockwork vows to fight on. Why? No clue. If anything, I think Stuck in the '80s should claim exclusive rights to the phone number. Afterall, at least we HAVE an '80s connection.

What does Tommy Tutone think of the fight over his signature tune? "If I wanted to get into it, I could probably take the number away from both of them," Tutone told the Boston Globe.

But maybe Tutone could make a little extra coin by rewriting the song for the winning plumbing firm. Let's just hope Gem wins, because it makes it easier to compose...

"Gemmy, Gemmy, I need to call you.
The sink is drippy and the toilet's backed up too.
I know you think my pipes are rusty and old.
But come unplug them, I'll pay you ten-fold."

"Gemmy, I got your number,
It's OK that it doesn't rhyme.
Gemmy, don't change your number,
8-6-7 5-3-0-9 (8-6-7 5-3-0-9)
8-6-7 5-3-0-9 (8-6-7 5-3-0-9)"

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