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Great songs, bad movies



Golden_child_cd All weekend long I've been singing "Best Man in the World," the Ann Wilson tune that plays during the opening credits of "The Golden Child."

Great song, not-so-great movie. And it got me thinking: How many other great songs were lost in the dog movies of the '80s?

Will we uncover enough for a full-fledged list? We'll see. Here are some to get you started.

MEET ME HALFWAY (Kenny Loggins) in OVER THE TOP: I'm totally back into Loggins these days. I can't explain. And this song -- fantastic. But don't ever ask me to sit through that flick again.

ONE VISION (Queen) in IRON EAGLE: They blew their entire budget on the song, no doubt. Great final line: "Fried chicken!"

NOBODY'S FOOL (Kenny Loggins) in CADDYSHACK 2: Oh, Kenny. I love ya, man. And this song is a top 10 song on my iPod. The movie -- I'd rather stick rabid kittens in my pants than watch it again.

SHAKEDOWN (Bob Seger) in BEVERLY HILLS COP 2: Was there any series of sequels that disappointed more than the BH Cop ones? The original plan, I heard, was to have Axel Foley go to a different city for the sequel. How cool would that have been?

What other songs are we forgetting?

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