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Great soundtracks to movies NOT from the 80s



Sometimes, given my resistance to most music recorded after the arrival of "grrrrunge," I forget that there are some great movie soundtracks beyond the 80s. Of course, they're full of '80s music anyway.

Are any of these great soundtracks better than their epic forefathers from the '80s themselves? Tough question. But it's really a no-lose scenario. Just enjoy the tunes.

Five great post-'80s soundtracks featuring '80s music:

Grossepoint GROSS POINTE BLANK (1997)
Totally awesome: "Blister in the Sun" (Violent Femmes), "Rudie Can't Fail" (The Clash), "Under Pressure" (David Bowie and Queen)
Gag me: "Live & Let Die" (Guns N' Roses)
Cool factor: Any movie with John Cusack is cool by definition. "I'll see you at the "I've peaked and I'm kidding myself" party."

Weddingsinger THE WEDDING SINGER (1998)
Totally awesome: "Everyday I Write the Book" (Elvis Costello), "White Wedding" (Billy Idol), "Video Killed the Radio Star" (President of the United States of America)
Gag me: "Pass The Dutchie" (Musical Youth)
Cool factor: Adam Sandler loves the '80s as much as I do. But not everyone loves Adam. "Now let's cut the stupid cake because I know the fat guy's gonna have a heart attack if we don't eat again soon."

200cigarettes 200 CIGARETTES (1999)
Totally awesome: "Our Lips are Sealed" (Go-Go's), "Just What I Needed" (The Cars)
Gag me: "Ladies' Night" (Kool & The Gang)
Cool factor: A Blondie medley is a plus, but Dire Straits isn't. "Throwing a party it's like... it's like an invitation for abuse. It's like the last desperate act of someone who hasn't had a lasting relationship since Junior High."

Donniedarko DONNIE DARKO (2001)
Totally awesome: "The Killing Moon" (Echo & The Bunnymen), "Under the Milky Way" (The Church), "Stay" (Oingo Boingo)
Gag me: "Notorious" (Duran Duran)
Cool factor: It has Boingo. It's plenty cool. " 'No duh' is a product of fear."

Slcpunk SLC PUNK (1998)
Totally awesome: "Sex and Violence" (The Exploited), Kiss My Deadly (Generation X), "Kill The Poor" (Dead Kennedys)
Gag me: "Hot for the Teacher" (Van Halen)
Cool factor: A soundtrack with bands like the Kennedys and Camper Van Beethoven -- fantastiche! "I didn't sell out, Son, I bought in. Keep that in mind."

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