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The Greatest American Hero talks Star Wars, 'House' and magic jammies

Greatest2a Few things about the '80s are as burned into our brains as curly mop-topped William Katt in his red "magic jammies" on Greatest American Hero.


For three glorious seasons, Katt, Robert Culp and Connie Selleca were the toast of prime-time TV -- at least for young teens like me -- spinning weekly tales of crime-fighting and evil-thwarting on the ABC series. Fueled in no small part by one of the ultimate TV theme songs of all time -- Joey Scarbury's Believe It Or Not (music by the legendary Mike Post) -- Greatest American Hero is one of those shows that never seems to fade away.

With the TV series now headed for a big-screen Hollywood remake and a new version of Greatest American Hero headed for comic book treatment (read more here), Katt took time out this week to talk to Sean Daly and I for this week's Stuck in the '80s podcast. We talked about his Star Wars audition, his role in the '80s cult classic House and so much more. Here were some other highlights from our chat:

Katt ON THE THREE-PART COMIC BOOK HE'S PRODUCING: "We answered a few questions that over the years fans have always talked about. One is whatever happened to the lost instruction book that Ralph loses in the desert right away, and who finds that book, and what other powers the suit is capable of orchestrating."

ON WHO SHOULD PLAY 'RALPH HINKLEY' IN THE MOVIE: "Years ago, they talked about Owen Wilson for the role and I think he would have been great. He's a little long in the tooth to do it right now. One of my favorite young actors, if he hadn't already done a great big action/adventure film, would have been Shia LaBeouf. I think the kid is just brilliant."

ON CO-STAR ROBERT CULP: "Originally, Bob Culp and I felt the same about each other. I know he felt I was a pain in the ass, and I felt the same. But two weeks or so into it, I knocked on his trailer door and we metaphorically duked it out and worked it out and we became honestly very good friends after that. And I can say we're even better friends now, 30 years later."

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