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The greatest marketing operation in the world ... KISS!



Should we even open the door on the KISS phenomenon? It's Paul Stanley's birthday today -- or Stanley Harvey Eisen as he was named 54 years ago -- so it would seem an appropriate time.

But fitting them into the 80s? Hmmm. Not sure that's so easy. They were definitely a product of the 70s -- all their best-known tunes were produced back then, including two incredible live albums. It was the 80s afterall that saw the bandmembers finally remove their makeup -- in 1983 for their comeback Lick It Up and Animalize albums. (They actually released 10 albums in the 80s -- maybe the whole "less is more" motto would have suited them better.)

But who are we 80s nerds to criticize? They're sitting on mountains of money, thanks to Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons and their uncanny marketing instincts. From comic books with real blood to action figures to stupid made-for-tv movies ("Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park" has got to be a lower point in TV history than Sonny Bono's appearance on Love Boat), they never seem to go too far for their eager customers (errr, I mean "fans").

Recent example? The band is opening a coffee shop in Myrtle Beach, S.C.! For those who want to rock and roll all night, and get caffeined up to work all day, we presume.

And Stanley and Simmons appeared on Larry King in recent weeks to plug the band's new live DVD release. They don't need coffee. They need some sedatives.

In any case, Happy Birthday Paul. With greetings for those of your advanced age, maybe we ought to shout it out loud. (Aww, that was awful.)

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