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Greetings, program! Tron soundtrack for just $1.99!



Tron Anyone surprised to see Tron back in the news so often these days? First the trailer for the upcoming sequel was the toast of San Diego's Comic-Con. And now the soundtrack to the original 1982 movie is available for just $1.99 on Amazon.

There's something pure and innocent about Tron. Never mind the dark themes that surround the plot, but don't you hear the theme music and want to jump on your light cycle? It is near criminal if you don't own the original flick on DVD.

At least now you can have the music from the movie, which includes two songs by Journey (because when you think of hacking computer systems and technology's overthrowing of global business, you think Steve Perry, right?)'s deal is only good for today though.


5. "Come on, you scuzzy data, be in there."

4. "I knew you'd escape. They haven't built a circuit that could hold you!"

3. "I don't wanna bust out of here and find nothing but a lot of cold circuits waiting for me."

2. "Bring in the logic probe!"

1. "Greetings, programs!"

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