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Guess which '80s classic turns 25 years old today?




Feb. 28, 1986 ... A date that will live (live, live, live...) in '80s lore (and thankfully not in infamy). Yep, it's the official release date of Pretty in Pink, which -- though it may not be John Hughes' best movie -- certainly has a superhero life of its own. (Click here to listen to our old podcast about the film.)

Reviews of the movie weren't always kind. "The movie's plot is old, old, old," wrote the Chicago Sun-Times' Roger Ebert.  "Since the basic truths in the movie apply to all teenagers, rich and poor, I wish the filmmakers would have found a new plot to go along with them." (That being said, he still gave it 3 stars.)

But let's not hate on one of the signature movies of our decade. Instead, let's have a little fun with this Pretty in Pink trivia quiz...

1. The name of the high school that Andie, Duckie, Blane and Steff attend isn't really revealed. But another famous movie also set in high school was set there. Can you name it?

2. Can you name the two bands playing in the club that Andie and her friends go to? Bonus points: Name the other John Hughes movie and scene that references one of the bands. (Extra bonus points for naming the songs.)

3. Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark performed If You Leave for the end of the movie, but it wasn't the song the band originally intended for the film. Name the song that was rejected because it didn't fit the theme of the ending.

4. Howard Deutch, not John Hughes, directed Pretty in Pink, a common misconception. He would later date and then marry an '80s actress. Can you name her and the movie that they met on?

5. It's hard to imagine anyone else in the role of Andie except Molly Ringwald. But several other actresses were considered for the role. Can you name two of them? 

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