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Hall & Oates headed to Tampa Bay



Hall_and_oates Here's some good news for Tampa Bay area 80s fans: Hall & Oates is coming to Clearwater's Ruth Eckerd Hall on Wednesday, March 26. Tickets go on sale Dec. 21.

It's been about 25 years since I caught their live act and it's easily one of the 5 best live shows I've seen. (Oxo opened for them that time.) Of course, I'll be at the show (Oxo? Not so likely), hopefully on-stage to introduce one of my favorite 80s acts.

Suffice to say we've already put in our request to interview them for the Stuck in the 80s podcast. I know John Oates will be cringing when Sean Daly opens the show with an awkward question about Oates' suddenly-missing signature mustache. ("You know, John, in college Steve had a mustache too.") Creepy.

For the record, my mustache was more Tom Selleck than John Oates in appearance. But was Oates' mustache really the signature 80s 'stache?


Samelliot Sam Elliot (Mask, Roadhouse): Freakishly large 'stache. It should have had co-starring credits in Mask (along with the requisite "Free Mustache Rides" t-shirt).

Wilfordbrimley Wilford Brimley (The Natural, Cocoon): Ah, Pop Fisher had an excellent 'stache. I figure if Brimley ever shaved it off, he'd look like E.T.

Burtreynolds Burt Reynolds (Switching Channels, Stroker Ace): God, I can't believe I have to bring up Stroker Ace again. Just for that, Reynolds is not winning the Great 'Stache debate. Although technically, he had the nicest groomed one.

Olympiadukakis Olympia Dukakis (Steel Magnolias, Moonstruck): Yeah, I know. I'm going straight to hell.

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