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Hands Across America t-shirt: A real '80s artifact!

hands-across-america-shirt.jpgHands Across America anyone? Come on, gang. It was May 25, 1986 when 6.5 million joined hands to form a human chain for 15 minutes in an effort to raise awareness for homelessness and hunger.

Brooke Shields and Gregory Hines were two of the celebs in the New York City chain, while Kenny Loggins and John Stamos were in Long Beach, Calif., where the chain ended. Then-President Ronald Reagan himself was initially reluctant to participate, reportedly saying, "I don't believe that there is anyone going hungry in America by reason of denial or lack of ability to feed them; it is by people not knowing where or how to get this help."

Now, as the anniversary of Hands Across America approaches again, you can celebrate by buying this Hands Across America T-shirt from (It's available in both men and women styles.) It's only $20, a small price to pay for people giving you weird looks when you wear it in public.

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