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Happy birthday, John Cusack: Top 10 Cusack blog items



lane-meyer-3.jpgJohn Cusack is no stranger to Stuck in the '80s. In the nearly 5 years of this blog's existence, I go back to Mr. Cusack over and over again. He easily appears more often than John Hughes, Molly Ringwald and Michael Jackson combined.

So for today, Cusack's 44th birthday, instead of trying to find some new nugget of information to hang a tribute item on, let's go back in time and pick out 10 great blog items already written about the great John Cusack.


10.  TOP 5 GIRLFRIENDS OF THE '80s: It's not a Cusack movie without a memorable girlfriend. But you'll be surprised which one tops the list. [Read it]

9. ON THE ACTOR'S STUDIO: Behold John's answers to Bernard Pivot's great 10-question quiz as administered by James Lipton. [Read it]

8. TOP MAKEOUT SCENES OF THE '80s: You can guess which movie made our list -- Say Anything -- but where did it fall in the ranking? [Read it]

7. HOT TUB TIME MACHINE DIRECTOR TALKS: One of Cusack's buddies from high school, and the director of his last movie, spills the beans on a younger Mr. Cusack. [Read it]

6. CUSACK TALKS: Not my interview with him (that's still coming someday, I hope). But please read Vanity Fair's interview. It's brilliant. [Read it]

5. TOP 10 WEIRD THINGS IN HOT TUB TIME MACHINE: I know I've obsessed about this movie over the last few months. But when you're addicted to Cusack, this is all we had to hang out hats on. [Read it]

4. JAKE RYAN VS. LLOYD DOBLER: The heavyweight fight of the century. Who would make for the better boyfriend? Find out. [Read it]

3. THE SADDEST PODCAST EVER: Cusack played a big role in the Breakup Episode. (I got a video camera, not a pen.) Read this item to see just how screwed up I was a year ago. [Read it]

2. RANKING HIS MOVIES TOP TO BOTTOM: On Cusack's 42nd birthday, I ranked his top 42 movies. I'm pretty sure the Top 5 would remain the same today. [Read it]

1. THE WISDOM OF JOHN CUSACK: Everything I need to know in life, I've learned from a John Cusack movie. [Read it]

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