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Happy Birthday, Madonna. Now go to jail!



MadonnaMadonna turns 48 years old today. As a present, I've decided to start an occasional feature called, "Another reason to hate Madonna."

(Previous reasons: She's an MTV baby, her network concert, Jesus loves her, she ruins music festivals, and her tour is a waste of ink.)

Today's reason to hate Madonna: She's 48 years old and still insists on acting like Marilyn Manson. For a birthday present, I hope her friends start raising bail money because she's likely headed to jail in the coming days.

According to E! Online, German authorities plan to arrest Madonna if she performs her mock crucifixion Sunday in Duesseldorf. It seems insulting religious beliefs is not only rude but illegal in Germany these days.

Of course, Madonna's camp says the crucifixion, which she's been performing regularly as part of her ongoing tour, isn't meant to be religious at all. It's just meant to inspire her fans to donate to AIDS-related charities, her publicist says.

(Mental note: Another reason to hate Madonna -- she must think we're complete idiots.)

What's the potential sentence here if the Germans are found to be less amused by all this? Three years in prison. I guess that would put a dent on my "Hating Madonna" series, but it's a sacrifice I'm willing to make.

(By the way, if you're thinking about donating to AIDS-related charities and you find that nailing Madonna to a cross isn't all that inspiring, here's an online directory of charities to visit.)

[AP photo; click to enlarge Madonna's ego]

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