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'Happy birthday ... Ralph'

Tomcruseme1 When it comes to Tom Cruise, there really isn't much left unsaid about our Once-Golden Boy of the 80s.

You can celebrate 25 years of "Risky Business," but then cringe when he jumps on Oprah's couch and acts like a twit. You can marvel at his second-banana skills in "Rainman," and then turn away in dismay when he berates a TV news anchor during an interview. And you can focus with all your might and remember that once upon a time, even Cruise's bad movies were still pretty damn good.

Cruise turns 46 years old today. As is tradition, I'll be celebrating by watching "All The Right Moves" on DVD for 12 straight hours. ("In your face, Walnut Heights!") It's the creepy sorta celebration only Tom could appreciate.


10. "I'm gonna go take a celebration p-ss." (Rainman)

9. "I'm willing to start at the bottom." (Cocktail)

8. "Hey, Brian, Dungeons and Dragons game tonight?" (Taps)

7. "Uh, my name isn't really Ralph." (Risky Business)

6. "I think I'll go embarrass myself with Goose." (Top Gun)

5. "I took Lily to see the unicorn... " (Legend)

4. "She was dead on top of the gearshift." (Losin' It)

3. "Hate to tell you this buddy, but you have to wear clothes to work. There's a law or something." (The Outsiders)

2. "Jesus, this guy's good!" (Top Gun)

1. "When it came right down to it, I just wasn't attracted to her." (Risky Business)

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