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Happy Journey anniversary



Journey_1 Today marks the 25th anniversary of the first concert I saw in person: Journey on their 1981 tour promoting their Escape album. Lakeland Civic Center in Lakeland, Fla. I want to say I paid maybe $12 for the ticket and another $15 for the obligatory t-shirt. (Can I add that I've never been to a concert since then where EVERYBODY bought the same t-shirt?)

Loverboy opened the show. And actually, when we talked with members of Loverboy a few weeks ago after one of their shows, one of the members actually remembered that particular show. Or at least he said he did. Lie to a fan? Loverboy would never do that.

That's the only concert I've seen in which I remember the exact date, the costs involved and the design of the t-shirt I bought. (It doesn't hurt that it's the same day as my mom's birthday.) And if I had to rank the top 10 shows I've seen in person, well ... rankings are what I do best.

Top 10 concerts I've seen:

10. REO Speedwagon (1995)
9. Simple Minds (1986)
8. Jonathan Richman (1990)
7. They Might Be Giants (1998)
6. Billy Joel (1999)
5. Journey (1981)
4. Frankie Goes To Hollywood (1985)
3. U2 (1985)
2. Oingo Boingo (circa 1988)
1. Styx (Mr. Roboto tour, 1985)

Barely missing the list:
Mojo Nixon (1990); Hall & Oates (1984); Rush (1983); Cheap Trick (1985); AC/DC (1982), Replacements (1989).

No chance of making the list:
Eric Clapton, ZZ Top, Foreigner, Genesis, Paul McCartney.

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