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Happy Nigel Tufnel Day! This day goes to 11




It's Nigel Tufnel Day. And what better place to celebrate Spinal Tap and Nigel than Stuck in the '80s? Actually, you could celebrate at the Nigel Tufnel Day Blog, where this is posted:

"Only once in every century are we given the perfect opportunity to honor one of the greatest artists and philosophers of our time. This day, this apex of epic riffs, this nirvana of noise, this valhalla of virtuosity, this bodhi of broken eardrums, this moksha of mach, that you know as November 11, 2011, is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to collectively experience the enlightenment of Eleven."

"It is a day when we may gather with loved ones and break bread into tinier pieces of bread for small sandwiches. It is a day for the admiration of guitars, and also for the not touching of them. And finally, when the haberdashery plays are all acted, we celebrate the freeing of the enfoiled trouser vegetables."

"Oh yes, it is magical!"

[Last modified: Friday, November 11, 2011 8:48am]


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