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Happy Wild Turkey day to all



Widl_turkeyw It's a tradition that dates back to -- yes! -- those glorious '80s. A Thanksgiving feast with the family, followed by a Wild Turkey feast with friends and loved ones. Back then, while I was still in college, it took me a couple of months to set aside the money for this adult-flavored indulgence. And now, thanks to our current economy, it takes me twice as long!

But the Vegas Girlfriend is in town for the holiday and will definitely need some sort of luxury later this evening after meeting Momma Spearsy for the first time. So beware of odd, late night IMs from the Spears Lair, along with cries for help, stumbling onto the floor and loud '80s karaoke.

For now, VGF and I are psyching ourselves up for the trip to the "others" Spears Lair in sunny Clearwater, Florida, by watching her DVD collection of Pet Shop Boys videos. So here's your obligatory list, courtesy of my guest.


(And VGF's arguments verbatim)

5. SO HARD: "I like it because it has normal people in it. Gritty, industrial London."

4. GO WEST: "Highly computerized Soviet imagery. Half-naked guys. What's not to like?"

3. IT'S A SIN: "Directed Derek Jarman, with manifestations of the seven deadly sins."

2. WHAT HAVE I DONE TO DESERVE THIS: "Las Vegas showgirls -- one with glasses -- and Dusty Springfield!"

1. NEW YORK CITY BOY: "Studio 54 on Halloween night. Amazingly fabulous."

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