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Harry met Sally ... now meet your match

In anticipation of this week's "When Harry Met Sally" podcast, we present you with this short trivia quiz on the movie and other films with Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan.

1.  Name Billy's character on the TV series "Soap."

2. How many roles does Meg Ryan play in "Joe vs. the Volcano"?

3. Which line from "When Harry Met Sally" was voted #33 in a list of top 100 movies quotes by the American Film Institute?

4. In "When Harry Met Sally," why does Harry freak out when his date tells him she went to Michigan State?

5. In "City Slicker," what jobs do the three main characters (played by Crystal, Bruno Kirby and Daniel Stern) hold?

6. Tom Hanks has appeared with Meg Ryan in several films. He was slated to appear with her again in 1986's "Armed and Dangerous," but was replaced at the last minute by who?

7. Which Meg Ryan movie was named the #3 must-see movie of all time, according to a listeners poll conducted by a London radio station.

8. In "French Kiss," why can't Meg Ryan's character return to Canada?

9. In "When Harry Met Sally," who knew before Harry did about his wife moving out?

10. What T.V. show does Harry like to watch in Spanish?

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