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Have a fave '80s flick (not from the '80s)?



Romy_and_michelle Ever since the success of flicks like The Wedding Singer and Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion, Hollywood has rekindled its hot love affair with the '80s. And so trips to the cineplex have been one long couple skate -- all set to the tune of a dreamy power ballad.

So this weekend, Stuck in the '80s is recording our second installment of Great '80s Movies Not Actually Made in the '80s. We've covered a lot of the obvious ones already -- The Wedding Singer, Donnie Darko, 200 Cigarettes.

But there are so many more -- Starter for 10, American Psycho, 24 Hour Party People, the new Adventureland, Basquiat. And yes, we'll even accept movies set in current times but with lots of flashbacks to the '80s (a la Romy & Michelle, Kickin' It Old School and just about anything by the great Adam Sandler).

So help us out. Nominate your favorite non-'80s movies about the '80s and then tune in next week to see if we honor your favorite flicks.

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