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Have a very 80s Halloween



Spam Remember Halloween in the 80s? Sure you do. It was the last time people willingly opened their front doors when you rang the doorbell after dark. And your mom made awful costumes for you to wear. You can relive the magic of the 80s this Halloween too. Just follow these easy steps from the Stuck in the 80s gang.


YOUR MUSIC: Start your day with a mix of Halloween-themed music from the 80s. Times pop music critic and Stuck in the 80s co-host Sean Daly offered these suggestions on his blog:

  • Bela Lugosi's Dead -- Bauhaus
  • Weird Science -- Oingo Boingo
  • Pet Sematary -- the Ramones
  • Thriller -- Michael Jackson
  • House of Fun -- Madness
  • Dead Man's Party -- Oingo Boingo

Oingoboingo Heck, any song by Oingo Boingo pretty much works. After all, they turned this holiday into an art form with their legendary Halloween shows in L.A. (Bring Back Boingo!) Don't forget to add a little Van Halen ("Running with the Devil"), Iron Maiden ("Number of the Beast"), Chris de Burgh ("Don't Pay The Ferryman") and Billy Idol ("The Dead Next Door") to the mix. Or a little Bow Wow Wow ("I Want Candy.")

Adam_ant YOUR JOB: They wouldn't let us wear costumes to school back at Countryside High School in the 80s. But here at and the St. Petersburg Times, if I came dressed as someone from the 80s, who would know the difference? (Today, someone is dressed up as a psychotic urologist -- don't ask me how I know.) Your boss will be cool about a great costume too. So try dressing up as Adam Ant today. You know you want to.

Consult our list of top 20 horror movies and go rent one -- but go old school and find it on videotape, not DVD. Sean Daly usually opts to watch Halloween, probably because he doesn't value a good night's sleep. Our other co-host, Cathy Wos, prefers the 80s shlockiness of Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, which we all agree is the epitome of 80s horror flicks.

Coreys But for my money, give me a double feature of Poltergeist and The Lost Boys. I like a little humor mixed with my blood-letting. And if there's a Corey or two thrown in there, who's to know the better?

Pop some corn, uncap the Bartles & Jaymes and Busch beer and you're set. (Oh, and of course, listen to our special Halloween in the 80s podcast again. It's always funnier and more embarrassing the second time through. Just like sex.)

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