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Nealschon Remember that Neal Schon/Journey interview we were hoping for this week? The one that everyone helped out on by submitting possible questions? Ummm, it's not going to happen afterall. The band is busy rehearsing for their upcoming tour (and we here at Stuck in the 80s had already left the office to camp out in front of the venue in hopes of scoring better seats).

But in the spirit of blog journalism, I'm not going to let Schon's absence get in the way of a great interview. So here's how I figure the interview with me, pop music critic Sean Daly and Neal Schon would have gone:

Steve: Welcome to Stuck in the 80s, Neal. Not to say you're stuck in the 80s -- it's just that we are.

Sean: It's just that you are, Steve. I'm totally down with you, Neal.

Neal: (Cupping phone and talking to his manager, "Are you serious? I have to talk to these guys?")

Steve: Hello? Neal ... are you there?

Sean: Yeah, Neal. We got Steve Perry holding on the other line. Don't diss us.

Neal: Hi guys. Glad to be here. Are you going to catch our show this Friday in Clearwater at Ruth Eckerd Hall?

Steve: Oh yeah. Front row seats! We'll be the ones with the cut-off Escape Tour jerseys and the bouquet of roses.

Nealhaircut Sean: Hey Neal, did you know that back in the late 70s and early 80s, you and I had the same basic haircut? How cool is that?

Neal: I guess it's sorta cool. Do you guys have real questions?

Steve: (Fumbling around through notes, ruffling papers, feeling that Molly Ringwald interview flop-sweat coming on again.)

Sean: (Choking on a Skittle)... Ack! Umm, yeah. What was it like working with Randy Jackson from American Idol during the Raised on the Radio album and tour?

Neal: Ah, Randy. It would have more fun touring with Paula Abdul. But Randy was a chick magnet. So it worked out great. And don't even ask the follow-up question because, no, I wouldn't consider appearing on that show. If I hear "Who's Cryin' Now" warbled in karaoke fashion one more time, I'm going to quit and re-form Bad English.

Steve: Intense ... ok. Our readers wanted to know how it is that you're still able to rock the house at your age. What's the secret? Herbal tea? Young wife? Piles of money?

Neal: Yes, yes and no. By the way, your 15 minutes are almost up...

Almost up? You've only answered two questions!

Steve: Yeah, but he's right, Sean. Plus, this blog item is getting kinda long... Last question, Neal. Next time you come through town, promise you'll call us for real?

Neal: .....

Sean: Hello? Hello? Oh jeesh, get Perry on the line!

* * *

FANS: Journey plays three dates in Florida this week -- Ruth Eckerd Hall in Clearwater, Fla., on Feb. 9, Pompano Beach Amphitheatre on Feb. 10, and the House of Blues in Orlando on Feb. 12. Their European tour begins March 1 in Sheffield, U.K. Click the band's website for ticket information.

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