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'Heard you missed me, I'm back!'



Castaway I'm fresh off the cruise ship and ready to get back into the 80s. No more distractions now!

No more eating crab legs, no more rock-hard mattresses and seasick mornings. And no more paying 47 cents a minute for web access to keep up with my beloved 80s nation!

I'm not sure how many of you out there have ever had a cruise vacation, but let me give you one insight: The worst part is the final morning when you're stuck sitting in a lounge for two hours, waiting for them to clear you to depart the ship. Thankfully, I had my iPod stacked full of 80s tunes for the occasion.

So until I have some 80s material to share with you, I present instead the actual songs I listened to while passing the time...

"Please, please, please, let me ... get off the boat -- right now!" Playlist -- 80s style:

  • Flat Earth Society -- Thomas Dolby
  • Boat Drinks -- Jimmy Buffet
  • When You Close Your Eyes -- Night Ranger
  • In Love with the 80s -- Reliant K
  • Vacation -- The Go-Go's
  • Mexican Radio -- Wall of Voodoo
  • Southern Cross -- Crosby Stills & Nash
  • Have a Drink On Me -- AC/DC
  • Sole Survivor -- Asia
  • Blue Highway -- Billy Idol
  • These Are The Times To Remember -- Billy Joel
  • Boys Don't Cry -- The Cure
  • Beach Party Vietnam -- The Dead Milkmen

For the record, I'm told I broke out singing with the Reliant K song came on. If you haven't downloaded that tune, I insist you do it now. In five minutes, you'll be singing at your desks.

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