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The hedonism of Simon Le Bon



Simon I'm a Duran Duran nut, like most people who grew up in the early to mid 80s. But unlike the other lads, the Duranie I always wanted to be was Simon Le Bon.

He wasn't the babe magnet that John Taylor was. Wasn't the charming, intellectual Nick Rhodes. And he sure wasn't the antisocial, misfit of either Roger or Andy Taylor. Simon just wore wristbands, struck cool poses, sang his guts out ("Siiiiiiiiiiing, Blue Siiiiiiilver!"), gave interesting quotes to the media and generally didn't care all that much what people thought of him.

Plus, Simon didn't have to play an instrument. (Unless you count the tambourine as a real instrument, and unless you're in the Partridge Family, you don't.)

Simon turns 49 today. Here are a few favorite quotes from the birthday boy to enjoy, along with links to the full articles in which they appear.

On his role in the "View to a Kill" video: "It was the closest I was ever going to get to playing James Bond and I wasn't about to miss out on that opportunity, He had the works - the girls, the guns, the gadgets, the cars. He got to do everything. I used to read the Bond books as a kid, and I thought they were really sexy. I always wanted to be Bond." [Full interview]

On staying in shape: "I've got some very serious beauty tips. Don't run too much. You'll f--k your knees up. I go for nice long walks now, uphill. And one of these days, I'm going to get a dog. But I've got a very physical job, and I'd hate to have to go to the gym. That would be awful." [More]

On recording "Seven and the Ragged Tiger" in Australia: "Oh my God, that was hedonism. I succumbed to hedonism. My God, did we have a good time. Somebody came up to us once and said, 'I think you shagged all the girls in Sydney.' And we weren't even trying. It was so funny. We had some fantastic times." [More]

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