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Heh-heh: Pee-wee Herman set to star as 'Jokey Smurf'



Smurfs If you weren't planning on catching the new live-action Smurfs film, time to change your mind and sing a happy song: Paul Reubens -- oh hell, just call him Pee-wee Herman -- is on board to play "Jokey Smurf."

"For the uninitiated -- or the memory-challenged -- Jokey Smurf was the one who would play pranks on his fellow little, blue creatures," Yahoo Movies explains.

Set for a summer 2011 release, The Smurfs will be a hybrid live-action/CGI movie. Others on board to act or voice roles:Neil Patrick Harris, Katy Perry, Michael Cera, and Jonathan Winters.


5. BLOW (2001): This movie is on cable nonstop these days. Reubens is the hairdresser/drug-dealer who teams up with Johnny Depp. [Trailer]

4. BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER (1992): Reuben's role as the vampire Amilyn is the only reason to watch this dreadful flick. [Epic death scene]

3. BACK TO THE BEACH (1987): He appears as Pee-wee doing The Bird. Sadly not the Morris Day and the Time version. [Watch it]

2. THE BLUES BROTHERS (1980): Credited simply as "Waiter."

1. MEATBALLS PART II (1984): I don't want to actually watch this again to confirm his appearance. Just call him "Albert."

And, of course, obscure but not forgotten. Paul Reubens' famous scene as "Howie Hamburger Dude" in Nice Dreams:

"I'm not sorry I took the money!"

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