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Helen Mirren ... beloved 80s comrade



Helenmirren Gotta be careful about how this next sentence is worded ... ah, caution be damned: Helen Mirren is a babe!

Sorry, but it's true. Mirren, who turned 63 years old over the weekend, recently was photographed wearing a bikini by paparazzi, and the result? Well, click here to see her. Don't worry -- it's a safe-for-work photo. And it's OK to leer at her -- she did co-star in 1979's "Caligula" for crying out loud. More teenage boys reached puberty watching that movie than "Risky Business" and "My Tutor" combined.

While Helen is rightfully earning long-overdue praise now for her recent portrayal of Her Royal Majesty in 2006's "The Queen," let us not forget that like all true geniuses, she really shined in our beloved decade.

My personal favorite? "White Nights," playing the abandoned but ultimately sympathetic ex-lover to Mikhail Baryshnikov. And I'm sorry Mikhail, but if I had Helen as a girlfriend in the 80s, I'd have stayed back in the U.S.S.R. (You don't know how lucky you are.)


5. 2010 (1984): "You have been drinking your whiskey from Kentucky!"

4. THE LONG GOOD FRIDAY (1980): "Saved by the bell. Goodnight."

3. THE COOK THE THIEF HIS WIFE & HER LOVER (1989): "Try the &$#@, Albert. It's a delicacy, and you know where it's been."

2. EXCALIBUR (1981): "Can't you acknowledge... love? Perhaps you ache for what you've never known."

1. WHITE NIGHTS (1985): "Yes, I rebuilt my life! I was supposed to throw everything away so that you could live in Disneyland?"

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