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He'll be a Pirate Twin again



One of our favorite 80s artists is making the return trek to the front row of public consciousness. Thomas Dolby is back. Making music. Making news.

First the news. Proof again that the web is all-powerful, Dolby used his blog this week to complain that Mr. Britney Spears -- Kevin Federline -- sampled one of Dolby's songs without permission. Federline's tune "America's Most Hated" (how ironically true) had a snippet of Mobb Deep's "Got It Twisted," which in return samples 1983's "She Blinded Me With Science." Blasphemy! I feel bad I have to even name both these people in the same blog item. K-Fed has since removed the song from his MySpace page (which appears to be his preferred publishing platform -- just as it is with the 14-year-olds who play in a garage band down the street from me.)

Dolby quit the music biz back in 1990 to start a technology provider company (sorta like how I quit the music biz to be a journalist, only he was actually notable in those endeavors.) But our old friend is dipping his toes back in with a tour of club shows that begins next week in Southern California.

His one-man shows won't be supporting any new album, so expect a slew of his classic hits -- punctuated by his never-ending love of technology. "I use a combination of current equipment and I've always collected vintage equipment," Dolby told "Some of that I've had retrofitted so it will control my computer. I tend to build my songs up in layers. I play a bass line then a drum part. I'll sing my song at the top."

Here is Stuck in the 80s' top 5 songs from the five-time Grammy winner:
5. Windpower: "Switch off the mind and let the heart decide"
4. Hyperactive: " I can reach into your homes, like an itch in your headphones."
3. She Blinded Me With Science: "Good heavens Miss Sakamoto - you're beautiful!"
2. One of Our Submarines: "The Winter Boys are freezing in their spam time"
1. Europa and The Pirate Twins: "Paste her pictures on my windowsill, but that's not quite the same ... it isn't, is it?"

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