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Help name the biggest movie heroes of the 1980s



picture-1.jpgLast night, when I should have been packing up and getting ready to move to Orlando, I found myself watching The Natural again for the billionth time on cable TV. I can't quit it. It's got laughs. Tears. Smiles. Exultations. It's life, that's what it is.

And it all made me start thinking: "Damn, Robert Redford has created one of the great heroes of the decade with Roy Hobbs." Which of course got me thinking, "Yeah, but where does Roy Hobbs rank in a list of the greatest movie heroes of the '80s?" Which of course got me thinking, "Do I have enough Diet Coke to make one more drink with Wild Turkey?" But that's not important right now. (Editor's note: I did.)

It's time for us to compile a list of the best movie heroes of the '80s. (Remember when we did the best movie villians? Clancy Brown!) Some rules of course. The hero needs to appear in an '80s movie. (He or she can be in other years, if the movie franchise overlaps decades). The character can be flawed, but not so much that it overshadows the good deeds. Contribute your nominations in the comment area. Want some examples? Here are five that would be on my personal list:

ROCKY BALBOA (Rocky): Sure, the first two movies are in the '70s, but he takes out Mr. T and Ivan Drago in the '80s. Eye of the tiger, Rock. Eye of the tiger.

SARAH CONNOR (The Terminator): Did you think I'd skip all the women actors for this list. Linda Hamilton gives the human race hope by giving fighting off the Terminator and giving birth to John Connor.

PETE MITCHELL (Top Gun): Aside from accidentally killing Goose in a plane crash, Maverick's a stand-up guy here. Isn't that right ... Ice man?

STEVE BIKO (Cry Freedom): I get the feeling a lot of people missed this epic bio-pic, based on the life and death of South Africa's Steve Biko. Maybe you remember Peter Gabriel's song better. Denzel Washington was nearly perfect here.

JIM MALONE (The Untouchables): You might have chosen Eliot Ness (Kevin Costner), but Ness didn't have enough bad-boy in him to be a true hero. Sean Connery, on the other hand, wins an Oscar for being perhaps the biggest hero of all. "What ... are you ... prepared to do?!?"

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