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Help us name the best, worst work of Eddie Murphy in the '80s



eddie-murphy.jpgEddie Murphy is about to turn 50 years old. It happens this Sunday, April 3, so we have just two days to figure out this vital question: What was Murphy's best and worst work of the '80s (and beyond)?

For the purpose of this ranking, we'll even include his work on Saturday Night Live and his stand-up performances and albums. When we have a good, working list, Stuck in the '80s will present it podcast style, along with clips from his classic (and not-so-classic) moments.

Here are two from each category that have to make the list:


BEVERLY HILLS COP (1984): Is this the pinnacle of his career? If you disagree, you'd probably also fall for the banana-in-the-tailpipe thing. It's so good that it spawned two of the worst sequels of his career.

KILL MY LANDLORD ... BY TYRONE GREENE: So many skits by Murphy on SNL make the Hall of Fame, but this one is my personal fave. "C-I-L-L ... my landlord."


BEST DEFENSE (1984) : Eddie Murphy and Dudley Moore ... sounds like a perfect pairing, right? "Best Defense makes Stripes look like Dr. Strangelove by comparison," one reviewer wrote. That's putting way more thought into the movie than it deserved.

EDDIE MURPHY RAW (1987): After the phenomenal success of his Delirious stand-up routine on HBO, an angrier Murphy returned with this egg. Example: "I'm sadistic. I go to the supermarkets to watch mothers lose it and beat the s--t out of their kids." 

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