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Help us name the top 10 girls-next-door of the '80s



AnnabethThey were cute, smart and flew under the radar. They knew how to play video games, maybe ride a BMX bike or even play the drums. They probably didn't get to be prom queen, but you know deep in your heart they deserved a few votes. And they're the single reason any teenage boy from the '80s made it to puberty and beyond.

They are the Girls Next Door of the '80s, and this week on Stuck in the '80s we're going to name our own top 10.

Annabeth Gish is a sure lock for the list -- for either Mystic Pizza or Shag: The Movie. But who else?

As usual, we want your input. But first, some criteria. An epic "girl next door" can't be evil. No crushing John Cusack's heart! No airheads need apply either. Tomboys are welcome. As for sluts ... well, we'll consider them on a case-by-case basis. Stars from TV, movies, animation and music are all eligible, so long as their work appears in our beloved decade.

Leave your nominations below!

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