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This week, Gina and I record our 25th episode of Stuck in the 80s. And we need your help! We're compiling clips from our favorite episodes, featuring funny stories, bloopers, insults and other fun stuff. We're also asking our listeners and special guests to call our toll-free number and leave a voice message that we can use online. (Yes! You'll be on iTunes along with us! Oh happy days!) Tell us your favorite episode. Or favorite story. Or just tell us to stop giggling like idiots when Sean and Steve get distracted on some weird side-story.

As I've sat here and listened to 12 hours of podcasts, a few things I've noticed:
-- I don't say "Dare I say classic" nearly as much as I thought. I say "golden god" far too many times though. And yet, we don't say any word as much as we stammer out "shimmy" during the Pat Benatar podcast.
-- Our catchy intro music doesn't show up til very recently. Likewise, our hidden outtakes are a very recent phenomenon. (If you haven't heard those yet, you're not paying close attention.)
-- One movie that we mention over and over again is Fast Times at Ridgemont High, yet we haven't done an episode on that film yet. I'm not even sure I've blogged all that much about it either. Go figure.

The toll-free number is (866) 371-9605. (And yes, we swear it's toll-free.) You have until midnight on Tuesday to leave us a message. We want our fans to have a voice in our gala 25th episode.

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