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Here endeth the lesson: Top 10 mob movies



Untouchables Confession time: I've never watched a single episode of the recently departed series The Sopranos. It's not that I don't like HBO's original programming -- in fact, The Sopranos and Deadwood might be the only two series I ignored. (My all-time favorite: a tie between "Dream On" and "The Larry Sanders Show")

My main qualm was: Haven't we seen all this before? Wasn't three Godfather movies and Goodfellas enough? OK, then how about...

Top 10 Organized Crime Movies of the 80s:

10. So Fine (1981): Ryan O'Neal, Jack Warden. "Hi, I'm Jack Fine and this is my suicidal son, Bobby."

9. The Cotton Club (1984): Richard Gere, Gregory Hines. "You've got about as much style as a bowl of turnips."

8. Johnny Dangerously (1984): Michael Keaton, Joe Piscopo. "Dames are put on this earth to weaken us, drain our energy, laugh at us when they see us naked." (Trailer)

Hidingout 7. Hiding Out (1987): Jon Cryer, Annabeth Gish. "I used to be just like you: a short, horny, hopeless dork." (Watch Roy Orbison's "Crying" video)

6. The Ratings Game (1984): Danny DeVito, Rhea Perlman. "I didn't make a move on you for four days. If that isn't love, I don't know what is."

5. Married to the Mob (1988): Matthew Modine, Michelle Pfeiffer. "The mob is run by murdering, thieving, lying, cheating psychopaths. We work for the President of the United States of America." (View scene)

4. Midnight Run (1988): Robert De Niro, Charles Grodin. "Why are you so unpopular with the Chicago police department?" (View trailer)

3. The Untouchables (1987): Kevin Costner, Sean Connery. "You just fulfilled the first rule of law enforcement: make sure when your shift is over you go home alive. Here endeth the lesson." (View the baseball scene)

Once_upon_america 2. Once Upon a Time in America (1984):  Robert De Niro, James Woods. "I haven't had a gun in my hands for many, many years. My eyes aren't what they used to be, even with the glasses. My hands shake. And I wouldn't want to miss." (View trailer)

1. Scarface (1983): Al Pacino, Michelle Pfeiffer. "I always tell the truth. Even when I lie." (View trailer)

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