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Here's a Confession: I still hate Madonna



Storymadonnaap783552NBC announced this weekend that it will air a special two-hour Madonna concert, taped this summer at London's Wembley Stadium during her "Confessions" tour. The November broadcast is reportedly the first network concert for the dancer (ok, yeah, she sings a little between the lip-synced numbers too).

NBC Entertainment's president gave this obligatory statement to the press: "Madonna is one of the greatest artists of our time and never fails to generate excitement."

(Translation: "Madonna is an overexposed celebrity whose marginal talent vanished years ago, but we'll jump on the bandwagon too if we can make two nickels pimping a show to her legions of meat-headed fans.")

The statement continues: "We think this is going to be a big event for television."

Kiss(Translation: "If she rips off her pointy bra or makes out with another half-naked female celebrity in a kinky S&M scene, the notoriety we earn will be well worth whatever fine the FCC slaps on us.")

(Photos: AP)

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