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Here's the only 'Isaac' that '80s fans get excited about



loveb19.jpgYour bartender, Isaac Washington. Ah, Love Boat. You never disappointed me. There for me each Saturday night on ABC from 1977 to 1986. You made me believe there wasn't a problem in the world that couldn't be solved with a boat drink and 60 minutes, including commercials.

Everyone here in Florida is bellyaching about Tropical Storm Isaac, soon to be Hurricane Isaac, a category 1 storm ... or as we like to call those here in the Sunshine State, your regular Tuesday in August. But I'd rather wax poetically about the crew of the Pacific Princess.

lange.jpgTed Lange played Isaac for the full run of the TV series, but he also served as the director and screenwriter for several episodes (and directed a few episodes of The Love Boat: The Next Wave, a sequel/reboot of the series that lasted 2 seasons on UPN and featured Robert Ulrich as the captain of the Sun Princess, which -- like the Pacific Princess -- were both actual ships in the Princess Cruise Line.)

Actually, the Pacific Princess is gone for good these days. Earlier this year, the 40-year-old ship was sold and destined for the scrap yard. Hopefully Isaac had a chance to save his bottles of coconut rum before it was too late.

You'll still see Lange pop up on TV from time to time, more recently as himself as a participant on Celebrity Fit Club, where he lost 28 pounds.

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