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Here's the Sex Pistols -- again



Bollocks They may not have survived as a group to play a lick in the 80s, but do we care? You loved The Sex Pistols anyway.

And the good news is the band is reuniting for one night only (yeah, right -- more dates to come if the money is right, I think) to celebrate the 30th anniversary of their "Never Mind the Bullocks" album. The four surviving members of the band -- singer John Lydon, guitarist Steve Jones, drummer Paul Cook and bassist Glen Matlock -- will play London's Brixton Academy on Nov. 8. (Sid Vicious sends his regards. He'll be unable to make it.)

"Maybe it's because we're all Londoners, but there would be no Sex Pistols without dear old London town," Lydon told "See you all at Brixton with proper feelings and proper people all around. From London Bridge to The Rose And Crown, all of Britain is welcome so come on down." is organizing a drive to get their single, "God Save The Queen," to the No. 1 on the charts -- something that denied to the band in 1977. The tune will be re-released on seven-inch vinyl.

Just in case you've gone too long without a little punk, here are some links:

It should go without saying that the interview contains some naughty language. So naughty, in fact, that this little interview cost Grundy his job on TV. It was Grundy's fault really -- he told them to "say something outrageous." Never let it be said the Sex Pistols declined the opportunity. Click here for a transcript of the interview. Again, the "outrageous" language is left intact -- for history's sake.

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