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Here's what Disney's new 'Star Wars' film will be like




Now that our galaxy far far away has relocated to Cinderella's castle, a lot of fans are probably asking themselves (and anyone else who will listen) what the new Star Wars movies -- now produced by Disney -- will feel like. The Hollywood Reporter has a fantastic story on that very subject today. Here are three of their conclusions:

THE AVENGERS?!? George Lucas had always planned nine Star Wars films, according to THR, but sources tell the trade newspaper that the new ones could focus on individual characters and storylines, a la The Avengers franchise.

A RETURN TO HOTH: Ask any fan what the best movie of the trilogy is (because seriously, no original fan would name any of the prequels in this argument) and you'll likely hear The Empire Strikes Back. Well, good news. THR theorizes that the next Star Wars movie will have that same grittiness. Why? Because like Empire, Lucas has provided only the treatment for the next three movies; other directors and screenwriters will carry them through. Sorry, Jar-Jar.

A HOLLYWOOD PEDIGREE: THR says Kathleen Kennedy, who worked on E.T. and the Indiana Jones movies, has already been hired to executive produce the next three films. Kennedy, unlike Lucas, is more of a Hollywood insider who realizes that entire movie franchises can't rest on the decisions of the single creator, even if that man is George Lucas.

So far, it's hard not to like what we're reading.

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