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"He's a blood-thirsty monster!"



Calvinhobbesinsane A favorite newspaper comic strip from the 80s -- Calvin and Hobbes -- has come to life ... albeit in the form of a cartoon from Robot Chicken on the Cartoon Network.


Long before Calvin was demoted and forced the appear on NASCAR fan rear windows, urinating on either Ford or Chevy emblems, he was the co-star in the comic strip drawn by Bill Watterson. The strip ran from 1985 to 1995 and at its height of popularity appeared in more than 2,000 newspapers.

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"The vicious tiger shows no mercy!"

Quick trivia quiz:
1. What do Calvin's parents do for a living?
2. Name Calvin's babysitter.
3. Name his school teacher.
4. Who are the characters Calvin and Hobbes named after?
5. What's the name of Calvin's anti-girl club?

[Photo: Robot Chicken]

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