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Hey, hey, hey ... it's the Tron podcast everyone's been talking about



Our Tron podcast is now online, but in our haste to get it up and running before the holidays, I totally forgot one of the film's best selling points: two original songs by Journey, including this one, Only Solutions. (The other is inexplicably called 1990s Theme.) Click here to download the show or click here to get all our shows for free via iTunes.

I could be wrong, but I think Only Solutions is playing in the background at Flynn's Arcade in the beginning of the movie. Surely someone out there in Stuck in the '80s land can confirm.

As for the Tron podcast, well, it's growing harder and harder for Sean Daly and I to agree on the greatness of certain movies, as you'll soon hear. I fully concede that Tron would seem tedious if you saw it for the first time today, but back in 1982, it was a revelation. Immediately after I saw it, I ran home, pulled out the family's electric typewriter (the most advanced technology at the time in the Spears household) and starting typing faux programming onto sheets of white paper -- instructions for my own Master Control Program. 

A few months later, I scored my first computer: a TI 99-4A, which had no hard drive but the best keyboard spring action of any computer I've ever owned. After that came a Franklin Ace 2000 (which lasted me through 1991), then a PC knockoff and then the next thing you know, there's some crazy service called America Online that let you use a modem to access "the grid." As you can see, I've been a happy member of Geek Nation for quite some time.

... End of line.

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